Whiskas Tasty Filled Pockets Chicken

By Socks

Jun 22, 2019


HI EVERYONE!!! Its socks again with another AMAZING cat food review, the last one was really really fun and I cant wait to do this one too!! 

today im going to review some new delicious cat biscuits that we got delivered the other day that are called Whiskas Tasty Filled Pockets Chicken flavour! 

Our hooman got ours in a cardboard box that had lots of fun purple colours on it and I could hear all the biscuits rattling around inside which sounded really funny hehehe then when it was dinner time they opened the box and all these biscuits came rushing out REALLY FAST! and I heard them fill my bowl up from across the room and I ran to my bowl as fast as I could to see what was there :D

A cat, no doubt engaged in cat-like activity

Me and Pringles investigating the box

there was LOADS of biscuits in my bowl and they came in lots of different shapes and there were square ones and round ones and EVEN ones shaped like little pillows hehehehe when I had a mouthful of them i got lots of different tastes all at once and it was REALLY REALLY good and I enjoyed it a lot because the pockets were really filled with the chicken like the box said it would! HOW DID THEY KNOW?? anyway im going to tell ALL my friends about the Whiskas Tasty Filled Pockets Chicken biscuits cos they are my best ones so far and thats the end hehehe CYA NEXT TIME FRIENDS xxXXxxxXXXXXxx <3 <3 xD