Merrick Salmon Pate

By Guest Reviewer

Jun 27, 2019

A stray's tale!

Hello everyone, I am Polang and this is my first cat food review! 

I used to be a stray until michellethemystic rescued me! She decided to feed me the Merrick Salmon flavoured Patè cat food and oh my gosh, I love it so much!

 The food comes in a can that has lovely graphics on it and is very colourful to the eye, which is great as it makes it even more exciting to eat! 
 It's definitely much more exciting and healthier than the food I was eating before, that's for sure!

A cat, no doubt engaged in cat-like activity

Me eating the delicious Salmon pate straight from the tin!

It is my first proper canned cat food and since trying it for the first time, I have become a huge fan of it and cannot stop purring every time I eat it! 

I highly recommend the Merrick Salmon flavoured Pate cat food to any human wishing to buy it for their cats and am very pleased that michellethemystic has bought it for me to enjoy! 

 Thanks for reading my review, everyone! :) 

Polang from Indonesia