Purina Gourmet Gold Pate

By Guest Reviewer

Jul 02, 2019

A refined taste

Hello world! My name is Annie and I LOVE food, so this is the perfect job for me! It is possible that I love food a bit too much, in fact, as last time the hoomans took me for an MOT, the vet said I was getting a little bit tubby. However, I don’t love all food, and I’m relatively fussy when it comes to what I put in my mouth – unless it’s a random plant, as boy do I love chewing on those! When my hoomans first brought me home from the rescue centre, I would eat anything, but over the years I have trained them to spend that little bit extra and buy me the best cat food on the market (IMHO). After all, I’m very cute, so I deserve it! Today I’m reviewing Purina GOURMET® Gold Pate with turkey. This food is packaged in small round golden tins, which makes me feel pretty special. Sadly, it means I get less food than if I was eating one that came in a pouch or a regular sized tin, but I don’t care as (spoiler alert) I love this pate.

A cat, no doubt engaged in cat-like activity

I'm sure you'd agree that I'm quite photogenic...

I will admit (and this is a little embarrassing…) that I beg my hoomans for this pate when I know we have some in the cupboard. I meow and meow until my food bowl is graced with the presence of this deliciously meaty meal. Once the can has been opened (with a satisfying gasp-like noise), I go even wilder, as the pate smells absolutely mouth-watering and I can’t get to it soon enough. Unlike regular cat food, this isn’t meat chunks in a gravy, jelly or a sauce, but instead it is a smooth savoury pate that melts in the mouth. It is really easy to eat, tastes divine, and always leaves me wanting more. Sadly, I’m only ever fed half a tin at once because the hoomans think it’s a bit expensive. Also, I have a diet of ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ food so I need to leave space in my (round but adorable) belly for the kibble. I would certainly recommend this purrrfect food, but don’t let your hoomans buy too much – I won’t be happy if there’s none left for me!