Go-Cat Chicken and Duck

By Pringles

Jun 16, 2019

Our first Cat Food Review!

Welcome, dear reader, to the first official cat food review here on catfoodreview.co.uk! 

For this inaugural post we shall be reviewing Purina Go-Cat Chicken and Duck Dry Food. 

This is a food my humans have seen fit to feed me for a number of years now, perhaps because they think I’m a simpleton who has no perception of repetition?

 Coming in a garish yellow bag, the food does have quite the enticing smell that will certainly catch your attention, if the visual nonsense doesn’t first overwhelm your senses that is…

A cat, no doubt engaged in cat-like activity

Contemplating my life after witnessing the horrendous yellow

As this Simpsons character of a bag is opened, you’ll be greeted with the sound of the contents rolling freely, signalling the beginning of the feast. Pouring into the bowl, the biscuits do make quite the pleasant sound, again it’s quite enticing, but I just cannot forgive the awful yellow. 

Onto the most important parts of the experience - the taste! Chicken and Duck is a slight exaggeration, it’s more like chicken flavoured dust compressed into a small, dry block, however it would be unfair to say the taste is poor, after all I have been eating the stuff daily for quite some time.

 Overall I’d say the food scores fairly highly, with only the ghastly appearance of the packaging bringing it down and would certainly recommend giving this food a try!