Felix Mixed Selection in Jelly Chicken

By Socks

Jun 20, 2019


Hello everybody my name is Socks and I’m SUUUUUPER excited to write this article for you as I’ve wanted to do one for a long long long time but they told me I’m too giddy but now I can do one and its going to be REAAAALLLYYY fun 

Today I’ll be reviewing Felix Chicken cat food which is one that our humans provide for us occasionally and its quite exciting because it comes in this GIANT box of 40 pouches!!! and there are LOADS of different flavours and nice colours too and we get a different one each night and it’s always a surprise which one we get :O :O I hope your human gives you different flavours every day too :)
 When my humans open the pouch up the smell comes out and it makes me get EVEN more excited than I am now xD and I try to eat it before they’ve put it in my bowl but I can’t because it’s still in a pouch hahaha

A cat, no doubt engaged in cat-like activity

Me trying to eat the packet too hehehe

Once the tastiness has been emptied into my bowl I dig straight in and eat quite quickly because it does taste really good and sometimes I get some food down my chin but it’s ok because I feel quite happy while eating it and then there’s sometimes a bit of left over at the sides of the bowl and so I lick those up too as like dessert Anyway I think the Felix Chicken cat food is TOTALLY great and I want to eat it all the time every day Thx for reading the review everyone it was really fun to write and I will see you next time!!! 

BYEEEEE XxxXxXx <3 <3