Crave Salmon & Whitefish

By Guest Reviewer

Jun 25, 2019

We crave healthy cat biscuits!

Hi everyone, we’re Pusspuss, Tinsel and Netty and this is our review of Crave’s Salmon and Whitefish dry cat food! Meowming bought us this DEEEEEEELICIOUS new cat food and we have to say, we’re huge fans! It is specifically designed for adult cats, but our 1 year old sister thinks it’s really yummy, so she gets to have a nibble or two as well hehe. We’ve heard that it’s high in protein and has quality ingredients, plus it is made without grains, so that keeps us nice healthy and is easer on those with a sensitive tummy! Obviously the quality also improves the taste quite a lot :D

A cat, no doubt engaged in cat-like activity

Just... one... more... biscuit!

Overall we’d highly recommend the Crave Salmon and Whitefish dry cat food to all of our furfriends! Definitely get your human to buy you some! P.s. Don’t forget to tell your human that’s currently on special offer at some supermarkets in the UK! Thanks for reading and see you all next time! HUGE thank you to Wendynewsome4 on Instagram for being our first guest reviewer! You're the best!